Discover local art,
their creators
and collect
limited edition

We believe that most artists, at some point in their life, find themselves with one foot in a professional career and the other in daily reality. We’d like to help them take that final step towards sustainable independence.


Our mission is to help local artists grow and gain exposure.


How do we achieve this?

Smallfish provides a welcoming space where local artists can connect with art lovers from all walks of life.

By joining them on one platform we like to help our artists to reach a more diverse audience. And of course for our visitors a way to discover new artists and dig for new art to collect.

Our Mission

To help local artists grow and
gain exposure

A full service for the artist

We remove the risks and overheads creatives face trying to setup and sell premium quality fine art prints.

This leaves the heavy lifting to us so they can spend more time focusing on what they’re passionate about.

At Smallfish we created a fair formula that ensures a cost- and risk-free participation for the artist.

We are actively looking for new ways to support our artist on their journey.

Our artists are free to create, to choose what work will be offered on Smallfish and, most importantly, do not have any obligations towards Smallfish.

Support your local artists

Creating a community 
to connect art lovers

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be flush with cash or follow the latest artists to appreciate and collect truly unique contemporary art. 

That’s why we focus on local artists for you to discover. No matter if you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned collector, filling your walls with exciting contemporary art has never been easier.

Our Formula

For our customers, it is our main goal to offer true art that is affordable yet exclusive.
Here’s how we managed to do this.


Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Every artwork is offered in one size and in a limited edition of 20 signed and numbered Fine Art Prints. For every artwork offered there are only 3 extra prints produced, 1 ‘épreuve artiste’  for the artist and 2 ‘hors commerce’.
The 2 HC’s are made to enable Smallfish to actively exhibit their art in the public space.
Giving our artists a chance to reach an audience beyond their online presence.


Fair prices – Fair compensation

We advice a price based on size, the artist is free to set a higher price.

We compensate our artists in a straightforward model. After production cost, the artist receives 50% percent of the proceeds. There is no cost nor risk for the artist to participate on Smallfish. We cover all operational costs.